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Lewis and C. Stephen Evans. Due to the noetic effects of sin , presuppositionalists usually hold that there is not enough common ground between believers and unbelievers that would allow followers of the prior three methods to accomplish their goals. The apologist must simply presuppose the truth of Christianity as the proper starting point in apologetics.

Here the Christian revelation in the Scriptures is the framework through which all experience is interpreted and all truth is known. Various evidences and arguments can be advanced for the truth of Christianity, but these at least implicitly presuppose premises that can be true only if Christianity is true. Presuppositionalist attempt, then, to argue transcendentally.

That is, they argue that all meaning and thought — indeed, every fact — logically presupposes the God of the Scriptures.

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By demonstrating that unbelievers can not argue, think, or live without presupposing God, presuppositionalists try to show unbelievers that their own worldview is inadequate to explain their experience of the world and to get unbelievers to see that Christianity alone can mkae sense of their experience.

These four apologetics methods were vying for supremacy when I first developed apologetics and the problem of methodology in the early eighties.

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However, a lot has happened in the last twenty or so years in philosophy and apologetics. One of the most dramatic developments has been the arrival of Reformed epistemology. Kelly James Clark contributes to this volume with the suggestion that this new religious epistimology has something distinctive to say with regard to apologetics methodology. We are told that if a belief is unsupported by evidence of some kind, it is irrational to believe it.

Those who advocate this view hold that it is perfectly reasonable for a person to believe many things without evidence. Most strikingly, they argue that belief in God does not require the support of evidence or argument in order for it to be rational. The Reformed epistemology apologist will not necessarily eschew making positive arguments in defense of Christianity, but will argue that such arguments are not necessary for rational faith. If Calvin is right that human beings are born with an innate sensus divinitatis sense of the divine , then people may rightly and rationallly come to have a belief in God immediately without the aid of evidence.

Again, let me say that these five apologetic methodologies do not constitute an exhaustive list of apologetic approaches. It is my hope, as well as that of the other contributors, that this work promotes additional fruitful discussion of apologetic methodology and proves to be of service to the church universal and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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The issue is not to win an argument, but to win the person and all our well-prepared arguments and intellectual abilities cannot accomplish this if God is not in it. Leigh Anne, the adoptive mother exemplifies faith in many ways After all, it is possible to be both sincere and wrong. We wouldn't need any more proof, but it is sometimes helpful to know that there is a lot of external evidence which confirms what the Bible says. Consciously depend upon the Holy Spirit.

Pages This is a collection of hand-picked articles about the branch of theology known as Christian Apologetics. This being the case, one has to ask whether Christian apologetics sites that spend a lot of time on these issues are being as helpful as they can to postmodern people—or to the Christians who wish to reach them with the gospel.

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More than anything else, Christians need to show spiritual seekers on the Web that Christianity is not a stale theological exercise, but a daily relationship with God involving mind, emotion, and mystery. In a famous address on Christian apologetics, C. The Apostle Peter was emphatic that every Christian needs to be ready to defend the faith.

What exactly constitutes a miracle, and did they really occur as recorded in the Bible? Paul Taylor explains. Do Christians use circular reasoning when they presuppose that God exists? Is circular reasoning a logical fallacy? Darius and Karin Viet explain. Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry , dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

View Cart. Outlook Other. We Should Start with the Bible! Critical Thinking Learning to think critically when faced with an argument is an essential skill that can work as an insulator against cultural brainwashing. Logic In logic and reasoning eventually you have to appeal to an absolute authority. Presuppositions Presuppositions are simply beliefs that everyone has that affect how we think, view the world, interpret evidence, and read the Bible.

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