Air pollution case study in mumbai

'Air pollution killed 81,000 in Delhi & Mumbai, cost Rs 70,000 crore in 2015'

For example the myth that tackling air pollution is expensive. They compiled a report and issued 12 recommendations on how to reduce air pollution from the transportation sector in India.

Western tragedy

The findings called for a systematic approach across the country. For Ramanathan, three systematic solutions are required for maximum impact.

Living in India’s Toxic Air

One, replace existing cook stoves with clean cook stoves, two, reduce pollution from diesel transport and, three, restrict open burning of biomass and fossil fuels. Meanwhile, liquid petroleum gas and electricity, along with biogas and ethanol are some of the clean energy alternatives.

Classification of pollution in Delhi

Everything I see in Delhi today happened in California in the s. Perhaps India's capital city has the advantage of having many nongovernmental organizations NGO campaigning for better health, a vocal media which reports extensively on health problems caused by air pollution, and a supreme court that recently banned the registration of diesel vehicles in the capital.

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Latika Joshi. There has been too much dependence on fossil fuels like coal-fired power plants, improper use of energy in buildings and the excessive use of biomass for cooking and heating, etc Particulate matter for measuring pollution One way of measuring pollution is by the measure of particulate matter. The Chinese government has finally acknowledged the air pollution problem in Beijing and is acting on it. A mere technical mpcb officers are responsible for monitoring some 80, industrial units. There has been no proper technology or methods to treat solid, liquid, waste water, industrial and hospital wastes in the city. The analysis showed that SPM concentration increased from , with a significant increase since

More has been done in Delhi than elsewhere in India to tackle the problem. The auto-rickshaws run on compressed natural gas and, earlier this year, the state government piloted a congestion scheme to reduce the volume of traffic, in which vehicles with odd and even number plates could enter the city on alternate days.

Public health advocates and clean air campaigners are keen to see action beyond Delhi.

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For Dr Kalpana Balakrishnan who heads the WHO Collaborating Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health at the Center for Advanced Research on Environmental Health in Chennai, such moves are thanks to a growing recognition of the double burden of outdoor and household air pollution for urban and rural populations. Health Topics.

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The air quality in the study area has been quantified in terms of the air pollution index API. GIS has been exploited to obtain the spatial information for the prediction of air pollution impact at different suburban and rural areas adjacent to the stretch of bypass.

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The results obtained from the study show considerable increase in air pollution levels from baseline to the projected period of 20 years, due to gradual increase in vehicular traffic along the highway. The information presented in this paper serves as an example to quantify the negative impacts of countryside air quality associated with highway projects.

India takes steps to curb air pollution

The approach utilized the spatial evaluation of air pollution and helps to provide a critical insight to the problem, which is not apparent while carrying out such an exercise in the traditional manner. Hopefully, this study will encourage the highway planners in India to make a wider application of the technique for an indepth assessment of environmental impacts. Basu, D. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Please share your general feedback.

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The study, Changing Air Quality and its Impact: A case study of Mumbai, was published by the International Journal of Scientific Research last. 1Institute of Science, Mumbai, India, 2NEERI, Mumbai Zonal Laboratory, Mumbai , India. Air pollution in urban areas is a major health concern. Air pollution in.

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