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Project: Fast Food Automated Ordering System

Some CMMS will allow maintenance managers to also track skill levels and qualifications for each resource to help in planning and scheduling work. Grouping labor categories into common associations can help a manager assign work to particular shop rather than an individual. The following capabilities should be available:. An inventory control module may be included to allow an operator to track inventory movement, such as items being moved in or out of inventory or from one location to another. Stocked, non-stocked, and special order items could be tracked.

The module should also have the capability for tracking item vendors, location of items, item cost information, and the substitute or alternate items that can be used if necessary. Some CMMS recommend and provide the ability to track tools and provide basic tool-room management features as part of the inventory module. This feature allows work planners to see what tools are in stock and assign tools to various work categories to reduce research effort by mechanics and technicians working in the field.

A work request module should be an integral part of a CMMS. The module can provide the capability for a requestor to input the request, such as a trouble call, or it can be entered by the maintenance organization's work control.

The Food Ordering System Example

To develop an application that allows waiter to view the dishes. of the restaurant and take orders using touch screen technology. 2. To develop. Computerized payroll system thesis you are free to contact our support use doctoral dissertation help thesis for a poster cheap term papers online.

The data entry screen should be designed to need only minimal data entry; a requester should be able to enter minimal data, and work control can enter additional information as required. Data should be entered once, and pop-up tables in the system should eliminate the need to memorize codes. The work order number can be assigned manually or automatically. A CMMS must include work order tracking which is the heart of a work order system.

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Again, the data should require entry only once, and pop-up tables should eliminate the need to memorize codes. The tracking system should provide instant access to all of the information needed for detailed planning and scheduling, including work plan operations, labor, materials, tools, costs, equipment, blueprints, related documents, and failure analysis. Of course, this is dependent on how many modules are installed and how much information has been entered in the system.

The manager must evaluate data requirements and the practicality of adding modules.

Automatic Menu Ordering System for Hotels and Restaurants

A work management module may be a part of the CMMS. The module could provide the capability that would let a planner specify which labor personnel to apply to specific work orders and when.

Data Flow Diagram: Examples - Food Ordering System

The module permits planning and dispatching. The CMMS could provide a rapid and easy means for opening, reporting on, and closing work orders, and reporting work on small jobs after-the-fact.

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Labor, materials, failure codes, completion date, and downtime could all be reported. A utilities module that contains detailed information on utilities consumption, distribution, use, metering, allocation to users, and cost may be included. It could include modeling capability and linkage to utility control systems. A history module that would contain the maintenance histories of the facilities and equipment may be included. It would contain summaries of PM, repairs, rehabilitation, modifications, additions, construction, and other work affecting the configuration or condition of the items.

It would include completed and canceled work orders. The maintenance history records can be used to support proactive maintenance techniques such as root-cause failure analysis and reliability engineering. A mature CMMS may also include a purchasing module to initiate the requisition of material against a work order and track the delivery and cost data of the material when it arrives. This capability will allow the maintenance manager improved visibility of matters that can impact work planning and efficiency. Procuring required material outside the CMMS can often leave information gaps that can inhibit the effectiveness of work execution and result in redundant parts orderings and non-standard procurement practices.

The purchasing module may include many functions, such as a vendor master catalog, invoicing, purchase orders, receiving, and even request for quotations.

A CMMS may contain a contracts module that includes information on maintenance contracts. With other database files, it provides a picture of each contractor's past performance, current loading, and planned work. It could include information on specifications, Government furnished property, quality assurance, payment processing, delivery orders issued, schedules, and related matters.

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Real time ordering and improved efficiency has been the focus of entrepreneurs. Wireless LAN By using Restaurant Ordering System Using Mobile Application, it makes the ordering system more efficiency and can help the manager to avoid human error and enhance the business developm, ent. It contains one and only one process and does not show any data store. Copyright

It could cover both contracts for facilities maintenance and support services. The maintenance management organization must select the metrics to utilize in establishing their goals and in measuring progress in meeting those goals. The KPIs must be based on data that can be obtained and provide meaningful information that will be utilized in managing the organization. Some CMMS providers have also developed specialized capabilities and features for particular business sectors, functions, or requirements.

Maintenance managers today can use their CMMS to track transportation and fleet inventory, including maintenance history, mileages, lease terms, rates, and accounting data. Through their CMMS, they track changes, additions, and movement of equipment, including software inventory on computers, tablets, and smart phones. When selecting a CMMS; consider the full scope of asset management options, with a focus on consolidated IT solutions. A CMMS can be used to manage simple or complex facilities, from a single building to a complete campus. A CMMS can also be used to manage the maintenance program for a grouping of equipment such as a fleet of vehicles.

The systems are very versatile, as most are in modular form for various maintenance functions and can be customized to fit the particular application.

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Gambler Jake Green enters. Introduction to telecommunication billing system. Computerized Payroll System Thesis. Undergraduate thesis.

Free Essays on Thesis Billing System for students. Eliminates most billing process errors. Computerized billing and payment authorization methods and systems are described. In one aspect, a host system includes a database in which information associated. Search Results for 'thesis billing system' Billing System. Objectives of the study The main objective of the system. Sponsored Links. Secleted [ 0 ] software to compare. Advantages Disadvantages of Using a Computerized Patient Setting up a computerized patient billing system presents less complexity in a new practice.

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