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The thermal cash register paper is mainly used in the thermal printer of the cash register system. The thermal cash register paper has uniform color, good smoothness, high whiteness, long shelf life, no need to print consumables, no ribbon, ribbon or ink cartridge.

Therefore, in the cash register system, the thermal cash register paper has a tendency to replace the ordinary cash register paper. Thermal cash register paper is now widely used in supermarkets, hotels, banks, telecommunications, medical and other industries.

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57mm x 50mm Thermal paper roll can be used for credit card terminal, EFTPOS and other payment terminals. Made from 60gsm thermal paper. Credit cards have become the most dominant form of payment in most of the retail outlets. You need to make sure that the credit machine is.

Single Line Manuscript Paper. Products Categories. Next take the measurement in millimetres from the diameter of the roll indicated by measurement B.

The most important point here to remember is you can have a smaller diameter that will always fit into your till machine but a bigger, fatter roll will not fit when you go to close the drawer or lid on your till roll printer or cash till. The last measurement is not so important as nearly all the till rolls, credit card rolls, cash register rolls and paper rolls all have a small core size of Click Here to watch our Video.


The Three different types of till rolls Thermal Till Rolls These rolls are by far nowadays the most common used till roll you can find. They are used for all types of credit card machines and receipt printers. The paper is smooth, white and left in the direct sunlight will turn black. This is actually how it works; heated print heads touch off the paper to produce the text on the thermal till roll. There is no ink or ribbon needed with these types of paper rolls as you could say it has that built into them.

Of course these tills are still widely sold today and they use ink ribbons to print directly onto the paper roll. These till rolls will look like ordinary paper like photocopy office paper only a lighter weight.

Be careful buying these rolls as a lot of manufacturers will try to sell you low grade paper rolls and tends to give off a lot of dust which in time will ruin your cash till register.