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The shift to 21st century literacies: A cross-case study of EFL learning through online publishing projects. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University. The effectiveness of incorporating the Internet to improve literacy skills of English language learners. Doctoral dissertation, University of Louisville. Doctoral dissertation, University of Central Florida. Cho, S. Korean immigrants' social practice of heritage language acquisition and maintenance through technology.

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Doctoral dissertation, The University of British Columbia. Chung, W. Content-based EFL instruction using scaffolding and computer-mediated communication as an alternative for a Korean middle school. Video games and second language acquisition: The effect of interactivity with a rhythm video game on second language vocabulary recall, cognitive load, and telepresence. Evans, H. Technological early intervention tools for families of children with hearing loss: Parental learning preferences. Doctoral dissertation, Walden University. Haight, C. The effects of guided inductive, deductive, and garden path instructional approaches and techniques on the learning of grammatical patterns and deviations in the beginning-level foreign language classroom.

Doctoral dissertation, Emory University.

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Jou, Y. The effect of email keypal project on the enhancement of reading and writing performance of elementary school-aged EFL students in Taiwan. Kraemer, A. Engaging the foreign language learner: Using hybrid instruction to bridge the language-literature gap. Perez Galluccio, R. Animated pedagogical agents as Spanish language instructors: Effect of accent, appearance, and type of activity on student performance, motivation, and perception of agent. Doctoral dissertation, Florida State University. Prapinwong, M.

Doctoral dissertation, Indiana University.

kgroupeg.net/docs/shreveport/nog-wir-freuen.php Rankin, Y. Design and evaluation of massive multiplayer online role-playing games that facilitate second language acquisition. Doctoral dissertation, Northwestern University. Sturm, J. Accent marks in L2 French: Keyboarding, presentation format, working economy, and pronunciation ability. Doctoral dissertation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Tallowitz, U.

Reading foreign language websites: A qualitative investigation of students' reading strategies in German. Doctoral dissertation, University of British Columbia.

Whiteman, T. Vocabulary instruction for English language learners in grades three through five: A multivocal synthesis.

Linguistics and English Language PhD thesis collection

The effect of mediated glosses on vocabulary retention and reading comprehension with English language learners in Saudi Arabia. Ph.D. thesis, University of. This collection contains a selection of recent Masters theses from the department of Linguistics and English Language. Please note that only the Title and.

Doctoral dissertation, University of Nevada, Reno. Yang, J. Integrating the task-based approach and the Grammar Translation Method with computer-assisted instruction on Taiwanese EFL college students' speaking performance. Al Shammari, M.

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Saudi English as a foreign language: Learners' attitudes toward computer-assisted language learning. Doctoral dissertation, West Virginia University.

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Amaral, L. Designing intelligent language tutoring systems for integration into foreign language instruction. Beaird, C.

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The effects of computer-assisted language learning on English language learners with and without disabilities in an elementary school setting. Blanco, H. A case study of language learning in a multimedia Spanish class environment in an Upward Bound program. Doctoral dissertation, Ohio University. Castillo, A. The effect of computer-based authentic assignments on learners' foreign language abilities and intrinsic motivation.

Clement, J. The impact of teaching explicit listening strategies to adult intermediate- and advanced-level ESL university students. Pittsburgh, PA: Duquesne University. Hawkes, L. Recasts revisited: The role of recasts in error detection and correction by adult ESL students. Doctoral dissertation, University of Victoria. Hung, P. The effects of exchanging emails with American key pals on Taiwanese college students' writing in English. Doctoral dissertation, Kent State University.

Izquierdo, J. Multimedia environments in foreign language classrooms: Effects on the acquisition of the French perfective and imperfective distinction. Kennedy, A. Laying the cornerstone, building the foundation: An analysis of a computer-assisted vocabulary learning program as a tool for productive and receptive vocabulary learning in the foreign language classroom. Lazo-Wilson, V.

Technology integration in smart classrooms at the university level: A multiple-case study of lower division graduate student Spanish instructors. Lee, T. Doctoral dissertation, Nova Southeastern University. Li, J. Orientations to English academic language learning among Chinese high school students in a technology-supported learning environment in Canada. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto.

Theses and Dissertations in English for Specific Purposes

McBride, K. Doctoral dissertation, The University of Arizona. Moreno, N. Morgan, B.

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Patrick Sturt. Written by Nada Hamad Al-Jamal. AAT Wilkerson, A. The teacher as educator. CALLing all learners: An explanatory integrative research study of EFL learner-learner corrective feedback patterns within on-line synchronous environments.

A description of the implementation of the Technology-Assisted Language Learning TALL system into two English language learning classes at a private religious school in northern Mexico. Doctoral dissertation, Utah State University. Petersen, S. Natural language processing tools for reading level assessment and text simplification for bilingual education. Doctoral dissertation, University of Washington. Sahin, M. Synchronous computer-mediated communication between foreign language learners and prospective teachers.

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Schranck, S. Owens Campus. Doctoral dissertation, University of Delaware. Shaw, E. Redrawing the proximal landscape: A theoretical study on the impact of virtual community on foreign language learner motivation. Doctoral dissertation, The University of Connecticut. Internet-based development of cultural knowledge and awareness among Chinese students of English: Attitudes, obstacles and potential.

Shih, Y. Dynamic language learning: Comparing mobile language learning with online language learning. Capella University. Warren, J. Web-based language portfolios and the five C's: Implementation in intermediate- and advanced-level foreign language college classrooms. Wimberley, A. Analyzing computer applications in English as a second language acquisition tool.

Zhang, D. Researching the use of WebCT in Chinese language teaching and learning. Zhang, X.