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Casey Anthony Not Guilty in Slaying of Daughter
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Casey Anthony Trial - Term Paper

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Rating: Powerful Essays. Here is a quick synopsis of the Casey Anthony case; Caylee Anthony, the two-year old daughter of Casey Anthony was last seen on June 9, She had put on weight, and her parents suspected she was pregnant. Casey was a bright, personable young girl, with friends and what many thought was an ordinary American family. One report was that she dropped Caylee off at the babysitters but was not there when she went to pick her up that afternoon. I hate objections. Home Page Computers and Technology.

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Casey Anthony

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Casey Anthony Trial

Judge Belvin Perry questioned the probative nature of these messages, and suggested they would be excessively prejudicial, so the prosecution withdrew their attempted introduction of them. For the full story of this testimony, go here. It was Cindy who finally reported Caylee missing a month after she last saw her, and her testimony focused on that month. Another explanation was that they were staying in a hotel with a wealthy suitor.

Hopkins said he knew Anthony from school, but had no children and had not introduced Anthony to a nanny for Caylee, as she had claimed. Testimony included a description of a statement and interview given by Anthony after Caylee was reported missing, in which she claimed Caylee had been kidnapped by the nanny introduced to her by Hopkins.

Investigators were unable to find the nanny described by Anthony. Anthony claimed she did not come to the police after the kidnapping out of fear. The DNA present in the hair shaft was also tested, but this was not DNA that can be linked to a single individual either. While hair ripped by the root can still contain nuclear DNA, the shaft of hair such as that found in the car contains only mitochondrial DNA. Unlike nuclear DNA, mitochondrial DNA does not change between generations, but is passed directly and intact from the mother to the child.

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Free Essay: The Casey Anthony case was one that captured the heart of thousands and made it to the headline of national TV talk shows, newspapers, radio. Free Essay: The Casey Anthony Trail, a case that lasted a month and a half was one that left everyone shocked, ending with no justice and a devastating.

After hearing from multiple witnesses describing an odor of decomposition in the car, the jury heard evidence from experts regarding the same odor. Vass performed chemical tests on air samples from the trunk, carpet samples, the spare tire cover, and scrapings from the wheel well of the car.

The Casey Anthony Case essay

He testified that these results indicate only decomposing remains could account for the odor in the trunk. He also testified that there were high levels of chloroform present in the samples—an important fact to the prosecution, which claims Anthony used chloroform on her daughter before smothering her. Duct tape was found over the mouth, holding the jaw bone to the rest of the skull.

Chief medical examiner Dr. While potentially disturbing, and therefore prejudicial to a jury, Judge Perry allowed this evidence because of its importance in the case. Entomological evidence is the most accurate indication of time of death once the body has decomposed. Judge Perry denied the motion and the defense would begin presenting their case that today. Blood might have been found from the decomposition of the remains in the trunk among the fluids released, if there was a hole in the bags the prosecution claimed the remains were wrapped in.

The examiner also described the lack of conclusive DNA evidence on the duct tape found on the remains. One reason to place duct tape on the skull at that point might be to hold the jawbone on while the body is moved. That plant evidence, therefore, does not suggest the body was there for six months, as the prosecution alleges—however, it also does not exclude the possibility. After this, a session was cancelled by Judge Perry after arguments between attorneys and a scramble on the part of the defense to produce a witness after their first two were rejected.

The next session was expected to be short. This witness explained the chloroform they found in the trunk was surprising in a location like that, and that he and Vass were unable to find an explanation for its presence in the test. A chemist testified that the air samples from the car contained mostly gasoline, and that the other chemicals were not positively associated with decomposition because other natural sources exist. A forensic geologist discussed soil samples from shoes taken from the Anthony home, saying no evidence was present linking any of the shoes to the site where the remains were found—however, such soil evidence can easily fall off, so this lack means little. A toxicologist explained that the hair mass found with the remains did not show evidence of drugs, but that it was not tested for chloroform.

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Still more witnesses testified about chloroform and hair samples. For more information on the forensics from the trial go here. The motion was filed, and Perry immediately had Anthony examined by three psychologists. He announced that, having reviewed the reports of the experts, Anthony was competent and the trial would continue.

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The defense claimed he found the body far earlier and moved it to its final location to get a reward, a claim which he denied on the stand. They had a difficult time proving this history, however, as the only witness who connected Anthony to any molestation was her ex-fiancee, and his testimony was not allowed by Judge Perry. This opened the door for the prosecution to bring in his suicide note as evidence during rebuttal, and that is exactly what they did.

On June 30th, the defense in the Casey Anthony trial rested its case, and July 1st the prosecution began its rebuttal, expecting to finish by the end of the day. Perry declared there would be no court on July 2nd, and closing statements would be made on Sunday July 3rd, allowing the jury to begin deliberation by the holiday.

They argued that the defense theory of the case—that Caylee died in an accidental drowning covered up by her grandfather—was illogical. On July 5th, they pick up where they left off after six hours the day before.