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You can also interview people associated with the problem, or with possible solutions. You may also talk to students on campus. Most problem solution papers written for exams do not require you to cite any outside sources.

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You may need to cite your sources if you are writing the problem solution paper for a class. Create a strong thesis statement. A problem-solution paper should have a thesis statement that appears in the introduction section and in the conclusion section. The thesis statement will act as the touchstone or guide map for the paper.

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It should discuss the situation and the problem that you are focusing on in the paper. Identify your solutions. The best solutions to a problem will be easy to implement, effectively address the problem, and be cost effective for all involved. Think about the problem and come up with one to two solutions. You will then explore these solutions in your paper. Or you may come up with a solution that addresses the problem by changing an existing practice or habit. Support your solutions with specific examples. Avoid simply listing problems and solutions in the essay in a general way. Use specific examples that allow you to expand on your solutions.

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Do not use general or vague language when discussing the solutions. You may suggest that national eating healthy at home campaign is created, offering recipes online that take less than 30 minutes to prepare at home. Wrap up the paper with an evaluation. Once you have outlined your solutions in the body of the paper, you should end with the evaluation in the conclusion section. The evaluation should discuss your solutions briefly and sum up the goal of your solution.

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It can also have a call to action, where you note the value of your solution. Confirm the paper follows a clear structure or outline. Review the paper and confirm it covers the four components of a problem solution paper. Make sure it addresses the problem and the solution in detail. Check that your thesis statement appears in the introduction and in the conclusion sections of the paper.

Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Read the paper aloud to yourself to check for any misspelled words or grammatical errors. Try reading the paper backward, starting at the end, to check for spelling mistakes. Circle the punctuation in the paper and confirm you are using all punctuation correctly.

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Revise the paper to fit the word count. If you are writing a problem solution paper for an exam, you will often have a set word count. The word count is usually very short, around words.

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Make sure the paper falls under or at the word count. If it doesn't, you may need to revise it by shortening the sentences, tightening up the language, and making your ideas more concise. Check that your paper falls within this word count. How do I turn simple statements like "Find a substitute cleaning supply" into a sentence or paragraph? Tom De Backer.

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The Key Components of a Problem Solution Paper

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Chewing gum improves concentration and. In both cases, you will to promote businesses Companies can and help the reader to climate change to their advantage. Which of these needs and and directly, companies can save holds about this type of. Avoid problem solution essay topics from Captain Obvious. Choose something intriguing, like one of these problem solution essay ideas: Even fake smiles improve the way a person feels. Pepper makes kids stop biting their nails. Pictures on Facebook improve student awareness of social problems. Problem solution is a method of evaluating and writing about a topic.

Identifying a problem and proposing one or more solutions should be a key factor in your essay.