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The opposition from gun rights advocates has certainly not helped. Some gun control advocates, meanwhile, fear that such technologies would lead to greater acceptance of firearms in the home. In the mids, an Australian defense technology company called Metal Storm teamed with the gun maker Taurus International Manufacturing and the New Jersey Institute of Technology to develop a gun in the United States that would have fired only when gripped by its owner.

New Jersey became the first state to require that handguns use smart-gun technology within three years after it is deemed safe and commercially available. But Taurus backed out within a few months, citing competing priorities, and the project fell apart.

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Chen said. Gun rights lobbyists have also helped keep firearms and ammunition beyond the reach of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has the power to regulate other products that are dangerous to children. Proponents of regulation say guns pose too great a hazard to exclude them from scrutiny.

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Dwyer had removed all the guns from the house, sending them to his father. But about a year ago, his son started asking if he could learn to shoot.

Dwyer said he would think about it. It was a question that Mr. Dwyer, who now works as a fitness director at a Y. Relatives would often go shooting together during family gatherings. His son was fascinated by all things military. Guns were simply a part of life where they were from.

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Dwyer said. Dwyer also saw an opportunity for forgiveness. So, alone in the Tennessee woods with his son this past spring, Mr. Dwyer watched him fire a. In the shattering of the stillness of the forest clearing, both sensed the import of the moment. Those are things you have to hold in tension. Under North Carolina law, his wife could have been charged for failing to keep the gun that killed their younger son stored safely. But she was not. Dwyer described her mistake as a momentary mental lapse, not blatant negligence.

And he said that while he agreed with the law in principle, he also had sympathy for the objections to it. The deep hold that guns have on American culture also emerges in interviews with several other parents who lost children to firearms accidents. In the summer of , Joshua Skorczewski finally completed the gun safety classes he had been planning to attend a year before, the night he accidentally killed his sister in Minnesota. Skorczewski had once planned to go through the classes too, but later decided against it. Joshua and his father returned to bowhunting, but it was not until that they took out the shotguns again to hunt pheasants.

Tessa Underhill, whose son Tristan was killed last year in Georgia, has also struggled over where to draw the line. As a former corrections officer and Army veteran, she is no stranger to firearms. She used to enjoy going out shooting. Now she is finished with guns, refusing to allow them in her house.

She knows, however, that her husband, whom she is in the process of divorcing, still has a rifle. Her other son, Matthew, now 6, is therefore still exposed to firearms. When asked if she would want Matthew to go shooting with his father one day or be a gun owner himself, she paused. If he keeps them unloaded and is safe about it. Answer the following questions regarding the essay. Be complete in your explanations, and cite examples or quotes in support of your answer.

Use complete sentences with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Following a stint in the U. House of Representatives, controversial and outspoken Edward I. Koch served as mayor of New York City from to He was elected after campaigning on an anti-crime and anti-spending platform. Koch, who now presides over a popular TV courtroom show, has written two autobiographical books, Mayor and Politics The following essay was published in the New Republic in Last December [] a man named Robert Lee Willie, who had been convicted of raping and murdering an year-old woman, was executed in the Louisiana state prison.

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Well, to some it might and that's how young children are living in our communities now-a-days. Kids are able to get guns as long as they have parents with guns. Free Essay: In the cartoon it shows a little boy knocking on the door of the National Rifle Association, the man at the door hands the little boy two–twenty.

In a statement issued several minutes before his death, Mr. Killing is wrong. In an appeal to the governor for clemency, Mr. Killing is wrong when you do it. I hope you have the courage and moral strength to stop the killing. It is a curiosity of modern life that we find ourselves being lectured on morality by cold-blooded killers. Willie previously had been convicted of aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, and the murders of a Louisiana deputy and a man from Missouri.

Shaw committed another murder a week before the two for which he was executed, and admitted mutilating the body of the year-old girl he killed. Did their newfound reverence for life stem from the realization that they were about to lose their own? Life is indeed precious, and I believe the death penalty helps to affirm this fact.

Essay: Guns in America

Had the death penalty been a real possibility in the minds of these murderers, they might well have stayed their hand. They might have shown moral awareness before their victims died, and not after. Consider the tragic death of Rosa Velez, who happened to be home when a man named Luis Vera burglarized her apartment in Brooklyn. During my 22 years in public service, I have heard the pros and cons of capital punishment expressed with special intensity. As a district leader, councilman, congressman, and mayor, I have represented constituencies generally thought of as liberal.

Because I support the death penalty for heinous crimes of murder, I have sometimes been the subject of emotional and outraged attacks by voters who find my position reprehensible or worse. I have listened to their ideas. I have weighed their objections carefully. I still support the death penalty. The reasons I maintained my position can be best understood by examining the arguments most frequently heard in opposition.

Partly in response to such protests, several states such as North Carolina and Texas switched to execution by lethal injection. The condemned person is put to death painlessly, without ropes, voltage, bullets, or gas. Did this answer the objections of death penalty opponents? Of course not. Admittedly, capital punishment is not a pleasant topic. However, one does not have to like the death penalty in order to support it any more than one must like radical surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy in order to find necessary these attempts at curing cancer.

Ultimately we may learn how to cure cancer with a simple pill. Unfortunately, that day has not yet arrived. Today we are faced with the choice of letting the cancer spread or trying to cure it with the methods available, methods that one day will almost certainly be considered barbaric. But to give up and do nothing would be far more barbaric and would certainly delay the discovery of an eventual cure.

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The disease is injustice. We may not like the death penalty, but it must be available to punish crimes of coldblooded murder, cases in which any other form of punishment would be inadequate and, therefore, unjust. If we create a society in which injustice is not tolerated, incidents of murder — the most flagrant form of injustice — will diminish.

No other major democracy uses the death penalty. No other major democracy — in fact, few other countries of any description — are plagued by a murder rate such as that in the United States. Fewer and fewer Americans can remember the days when unlocked doors were the norm and murder was a rare and terrible offense.

In American the murder rate climbed percent between and During that same period, the murder rate in New York City increased by almost percent, and the statistics are even worse in many other cities. A study at M. It is not surprising that the laws of each country differ according to differing conditions and traditions.

If other countries had our murder problem, the cry for capital punishment would be just as loud as it is here. And I daresay that any other major democracy where 75 percent of the people supported the death penalty would soon enact it into law. An innocent person might be executed by mistake.

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Consider the work of Adam Bedau, one of the most implacable foes of capital punishment in this country. According to Mr. The main point, however, is this.