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The term actually entails the following spectrum:. There are a great and varied number of areas to cover in the area of Culture of Life and whatever strategy is developed, it needs to be done with proper analysis and due consideration by the leadership of the Knights at all levels in the BC and Yukon State jurisdiction.

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The Knights of Columbus Council sponsors a Pro-Life Essay Contest in the month of January to coincide with the March for Life and local pro-life events. The New Hampshire Knights of Columbus is once again sponsoring a Student Respect Life Essay contest. The contest is open to any Junior High (grades 6 - 8) .

To do any less would not do justice to the issue at hand. How precious is life? It sounds like a simple enough question. What makes a Canadian soldier join the Armed Forces knowing he or she could end up on a battlefield in another part of the world fighting for peace, and possibly paying the ultimate price? What makes a US President stand on the brink and look into the precipice of possible war in far off nations like Syria?

What made our Saviour pray so fervently in the Garden of Gethsemane to point where he sweats blood?

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A large part of the answer comes down to the inherent knowledge and feeling as to just how precious life really is. In each instance above, it is the great concern and love for our fellow human beings that prompts each of them to the point where they are willing to put it all on the line for our fellow human beings. And this is because life in this world and the next is just so very important, fundamental and precious.

So, if life is so precious that it can become a cause worth fighting and dying for, how is it that society in general does not seem to understand this or practice it consistently in other areas of life issues? A large part of the answer is we are human and therefore, imperfect and inconsistent. In the human world, there is always room for improvement.

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This may take several attempts and a lifetime of effort but that is what we are called to do with the truth and knowledge we possess. This truth and knowledge is a tremendous gift and we need to pass it on to our family, friends and the world in a loving caring way.

Pro-Life Essay Contest

For those in Culture of Life programs, the task of passing on this truth and knowledge can be a difficult one. Our attempts to plant the seeds of truth and knowledge on how precious life is will be met with resistance or indifference in many instances but we will also meet with success.

Life is busy and people in general have a lot of priorities, responsibilities and challenges just living day to day. It can be hard to get their attention to plant that seed of truth and knowledge but we need to keep at it. The task may seem like wandering in a desert trying to plant gardens throughout the whole desert and at times it may seem like nothing is growing no matter how hard we try. Start by watering your gardens with prayer on a regular basis.

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My hope is in your review of this site you will appreciate the many services and charitable programs available throughout our State Council and that you avail yourself of the opportunity to join us in our fraternal activities. So, on behalf of my Brother Knights and their wives throughout New Hampshire, I bid you a hearty welcome!!!

Knights of Columbus

Milrajas Being Pro-Life mhz to trust in God throughout all your strategic, from contest to inviting death, knowing that God is obvious you. Sebastian Parish. A poster urging the recitation of the rosary as a weapon against abortion and a prayer card are available at no charge from the Supply Department. For more information please call Brian at or click to visit the council website. All of the essays and poems were very thoughtful. All parishioners are encouraged to attend our special events as well:.

Please click on e-Membership above for more information about how you can join us today! State Deputy Messages. Worthy Grand Knights:. This is the first in a monthly series of helpful hints to enable your council to qualify for the Columbian Award. The Novena for Life is one of the mandatory programs in overall culture of life programming. Knights of Columbus St. Joan of Arc Council has graciously offered to host our meeting at St. The luncheon meal includes: Lasagna meat or vegetarian , tossed salad, bread, coffee.

Advanced reservations are expected. Hey, Students …. There are many ways in which the CSO is working to achieve this mission. In the last year, they have opened two new schools, expanded educational opportunities for students with non-typical learning abilities, and provided additional funding for financial aid through the establishment of the St.