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Other options to complement mammography, discriminate benign form malignant findings and possibly detect breast cancer earlier are getting closer to the market. One of these, breast tomosynthesis, which has received a fair share of buzz in the last few years, could be on the market by RSNA Several other new breast-scanning technologies are also on the verge of FDA approval.

Finally, a few vendors showcased new systems and features to simplify and improve the stereotactic breast biopsy process. Note: companies appear in alphabetical order. Agfa Corp. Designed to enhance the way digital mammography images are retrieved, displayed, archived and distributed, the IMPAX MA mammography diagnostic display station is a multi-modality workstation that delivers 'one-stop' review and results distribution for all digital breast-imaging studies and supports complete access to other general imaging exams from a single workstation.

The digital display station was developed based on Agfa's PACS model of information management; it includes PACS workflow features and tools with added specialized screening workflow and diagnostic tools, such as comparative review. Previous studies can be compared side-by-side to current images, allowing user and modality preferences for display, review and comparison of images to be defined for greater user flexibility.

When deployed as part of a PACS network, images can easily be retrieved and reviewed from anywhere on the network with other data. Bioptics Corp. The cassette is based on a high-performance, flat-panel detector and high-resolution scintillator technologies. PiXaray is packaged as a standard mammography film cassette for a convenient and cost-efficient upgrade to digital mammography. The technology is available for investigational use only. According to Cedara, I-Read Mammo eliminates the need to switch between workstations by supporting mammography systems from multiple vendors on a single workstation.

The system also saves reading time by automating display and review of images from multiple modalities such as ultrasound and MRI and integrating CAD. I-Read Mammo integrates with Cedara's film digitizing application for viewing old film images with new digital images and it improves productivity by allowing radiologists to prescribe the image layout, presentation and view order.

An optional CD viewer enables the creation of patient CDs with direct viewing capabilities. The ready-to-integrate solution can reduce productization efforts and development costs resulting in faster time-to-market and return on investment, Cedara said. Confirma, Inc. The dual-purpose coil design provides greater access for breast MRI, the company said. Access' multi-channel design is optimized for parallel imaging; it maximizes diagnostic and interventional capabilities.

Access features an open design for flexibility in interventional procedures with lateral, medial and cranial-caudal access. An integrated lighting system provides illumination for interventional guidance, and ergonomics are optimized for patient comfort. The Access Breast Coil will be available in the first half of DatCard Systems, Inc.

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MammoSmart provides a patient with her complete mammography history and breast care information. The technology enables hospitals and imaging centers to improve patient communication, exceed MQSA patient education standards, market their facility, save on laser film costs and save on storage space, the company said. Dobi Medical International, Inc.

Health Canada OK’s Planmed Nuance Excel FFDM System | Imaging Technology News

ComfortScan detects tumor angiogenesis, or abnormal blood vessel growth, that characterizes malignancies. ComfortScan provides functional, dynamic imaging of tissue changes using light and a proprietary image-processing algorithm. Used in combination with mammography and ultrasound, the system should provide physicians with more complete information to help determine whether a tumor is malignant or benign, the company said. ComfortView Software is used for analysis of angiogenesis and assessment of breast disease.

It enables a quick review and analysis of the dynamic images captured by the system. Color-mapped images indicate areas of increased vascularity, and a temporal graph measures the hemodynamic response of the region of interest to gentle external pressure over time.

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Two-View and Single-View Tomosynthesis versus full-field digital mammography: high-resolution X-ray imaging observer study. CT accreditation. Table 1. Butler, M. In the comparison of the image sets, we also estimated the mean glandular dose MGD for each modality by applying the Dance model Planmed Nuance Planmed Nuance offers ultimate versatility for both screening and diagnostic mammography. Examples of the differences in image properties are presented along with the sample images Figs.

Images can be printed or digitally archived for future use and interpretation. DR Systems' capabilities for digital mammography include the ability to view, archive and retrieve previously digitized images; the ability to scan prior mammograms for comparison to current exams and streamlined comparison to ultrasound, MRI and other breast imaging studies. Other features include comparison to ultrasound MRI and other modalities, automated reporting and CD, internet and web distribution of images, audio and reports. Eastman Kodak Co. The PACS upgrade allows users to integrate digital mammography with general radiology workflow and review and store ultrasound, MRI and other digital modality images.

It includes a Mammography Workstation with multi-modality, multi-vendor support.


Planmed Nuance offers ultimate versatility for both screening and diagnostic mammography. The unit's compact design enables a smooth imaging workflow. that Planmed digital mammography and breast tomosynthesis systems deliver. EUREF certification proves that Planmed Nuance Excel meets acceptability.

The Mammography Upgrade and Mammography Workstation will be available in the first quarter of The works-in-progress includes a mammography module for its RIS platform that optimizes mammography-specific reporting and tracking requirements, micron image scanning with specialized screens and cassettes, a CAD application on digital mammography systems and integration of CAD and speech commands into the Kodak PACS System 5 Mammography Upgrade.

Presentation-quality mammography images and prior digitized mammography film images can be displayed using features that are native to Emageon's software. All settings are configurable and follow the user throughout the enterprise.

Mammography and Tomosynthesis - Q&A

Fischer Imaging Corp. The company also showed two works-in-progress. Fischer's SenoScan2 FFDM system offers both 50 and micron native diagnostic resolution, reduced radiation dose and virtual elimination of motion artifacts. The new system provides enhanced functionality for technologists and enhanced workflow for radiologists. Improvements include automatic exposure control and image processing capabilities at the acquisition station to enable export of processed DICOM images to the hospital network.

Fischer's stereotactic table incorporates a new breast cancer brachytherapy capability with a grid mechanism for catheter positioning. The company also shared a study showing that the use of digital mammography reduced recall rates by 40 percent compared to film. The prospective study involved 11, screening mammograms at Sarasota Memorial Hospital Breast Center with 4. Furthermore, in digital cases that were recommended for biopsies, the radiologist was able to make final diagnostic determination without further imaging in more than 90 percent of cases.

SenoView Plus provides multi-modality image display and review to allow radiologists to compare SenoScan digital images with ultrasound, nuclear medicine and MRIs for improved workflow and reading efficiency. Fischer and InSiteOne announced collaboration to provide customers with Fischer digital mammography integrated with InSiteOne Storage Services to enhance productivity and patient care. Fischer works-in-progress include an FDA cleared film digitizer that will be available in early The digitizer will enable softcopy reading of prior mammograms for comparison.

The company also showed a prototype integrating ultrasound and digital mammography. The Synapse workstation displays any full-field digital exam for analysis and interpretation and also displays related MR and ultrasound studies.

Introduction to Tomosynthesis

Fuji's Synapse workstation configuration can be used as a full-featured diagnostic workstation for any imaging exam. It incorporates dual, high-brightness, 5 megapixel, flat-panel monitors with an optional third, inch color LCD monitor for productivity applications and viewing of color images. FCRm features ClearView-CS m , a four-cassette multi-plate reader with dual-side reading technology and micron pixel sampling. FCR m provides the benefits of digital for the cost of a single system and is compatible with existing mammography imaging units, with the CR cassettes replacing analog film cassettes.

FDA approval is anticipated in early The system has a patient-centric design and intuitive controls that allow the technologist who performs the exam to focus on her patient and makes the mammography exam an easier and more comfortable experience. The stereotaxy option for breast biopsies on the Senographe DS is a cost-effective alternative to a dedicated interventional room.

It enables technologists to quickly transition from initial screening applications to diagnostics, and, if needed, to interventional procedures, all in one room. Biopsies can be performed on the same dedicated gantry with better access to lesions.

Planmed Breast Tomosynthesis

The Senographe DS and Seno Advantage multi-modality breast imaging workstation are cornerstones of GE's Breastcare Essentials, a complete imaging and information management solution to help healthcare professionals detect breast cancer earlier and treat it more effectively. Designed with the future in mind, the Senographe DS system can serve as the platform for many advanced applications currently under development such as Tomosynthesis 3D breast imaging. Tomosynthesis, imaging fusion of FFDM and ultrasound and contrast media mammography are advanced applications aimed to leverage the potential of digital mammography to facilitate the earliest detection of breast cancer, thereby giving a woman the best potential clinical outcome through early treatment, GE said.

GE's works in progress for mammography included a 3D mammography workstation, a new-generation detector to optimize performance for advanced applications and a tomosynthesis system.

Planmed Nuance Excel Tomosynthesis – 281189

The workstation and tomosynthesis system will undergo clinical evaluation in Hologic, Inc. The workstation also supports CAD programs. SecurViewDX allows users to view digital mammograms from any vendor and images from other modalities. This will boost workflow for imaging centers since physicians no longer have to view images from different vendor's systems on vendor-specific workstations, Hologic said. Physicians also can use Hologic's package of image manipulation tools on virtually any digital mammogram. The Lorad Selenia incorporates a direct conversion detector to preserve image sharpness by completely eliminating light diffusion.

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The large 24 x 29 cm active image area accommodates most breast sizes with a single exposure, and a micron pixel size for imaging microcalcifications at the earliest stage of formation. Other features include a High Transmission Cellular HTC Grid to significantly reduce radiation scatter for higher contrast images and Smart Paddle System to allow accurate, easy positioning of all breast sizes.

Finally, the custom-designed Softcopy Workstation streamlines workflow and provides flexible user configurability. Hologic's "workstation of the future" provides multi-modality image viewing, the ability to show cine loop or static tomosynthesis images, offers a touch screen with color monitor and easy graphical user interface to ease information entry and reduce keystroke and potential errors, and separate high-resolution monitors for viewing images. Hologic said it will likely be a year or more before the vision becomes commercial reality. Hologic said its private label agreement with iCAD Inc.

Hologic also highlighted its work in breast tomosynthesis. Tomosynthesis requires adjustments to mammography systems to create 3D images based on the acquisition of multiple images of a stationary, compressed breast taken at different angles during a short scan. Early diagnosis of breast cancer is the foundation for increasing survival rates and diagnostic imaging is the most widely used technique to achieve early detection, making diagnostic imaging a cornerstone of breast cancer control. Diagnostic imaging is used for the early detection of breast cancer in asymptomatic patients in population-based screening programs in most developed countries, or for opportunistic screening in developing nations.

Regardless of these differences, imaging has proved to be an indispensable tool in fighting breast cancer and has been proven to reduce mortality. Scope - Investigation of current and future market competition for breast cancer imaging. Reasons to buy - Gain a high level view of the trends shaping and driving the breast cancer imaging market.

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