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Proofreading is cheating, isn’t it?

After the reviewed document has been mailed to you, it is removed from our system. Upload your document, elect the language and determine the deadline. Our editor will immediately get to work. So you will pay the same price for an English thesis as you would pay for a Dutch thesis. At 24editor you can upload your document at any moment. Our services will always be delivered within the deadline determined by you.

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All of our editors have been carefully selected and have years of experience in editing, rewriting and translating texts. We are able to review , words or translate 24, within 7 days. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. I work in Germany, where the only language for writing academic contributions used to be German.

This is changing dramatically. Many students are now studying in English, writing in English, and presenting in English. In fact, German students writing in English as ESL in Germany, do not even have the advantage of studying in an English-speaking environment, thus do not have as much useful linguistic input.

I believe this to be true for many other countries as well, certainly in Western Europe. I personally believe that this is not only a matter of the copy editor's integrity which is crucial , but also an issue for debate in each country's central academic councils. I'll try to be brief, Shani and Dafna I've been editing not proofreading dissertations and theses not undergraduate eassays for several years now. I have no qualifications, other than I'm a published fiction author and a lover of the language, I work on my own, am 'buried' in the lower regions of Google which suits me fine, since I'm retired and don't have to earn a living.

Your article, Shani, raised several moot points, almost all of them I feel sure we would agree on, certainly on the technical side of academic editing. It's the ethical side that causes me some concern. You come from an academic background and probably or possibly see your 'client' as 'half university half student' I know that's a gross simplification whereas I have never been able to so much as discuss in general terms the ethics of what I do with an interested academic I've tried, but it's the 'interested' bit that's been the problem.

Coming from a non-academic background, I see the student alone as being my 'client'. They have a huge amount in common when it comes to writing, one of these is their incredibly convoluted sentences and the constant repetition of the subject, which is often many words long. This combination results in many superfluous words - sometimes, in a long piece, amounting to several thousand.

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Therefore, it's impossible to edit the document without enhancing the quality of their work, and not just their writing, which automatically breaks one of the cardinal rules of the university. Also, I cannot hand on heart say that I have never pointed out glaring errors in the 'professional' side of their work.

You don't have to be an engineer or a social scientist or a whatever to spot mistakes in percentages, or comissions and omissions of crucial factors that you've become familiar with over a long edit. At first I used to steel myself to ignore them, but then I'd always go back and put a warning query look at this! Take care with that! Another thing that I've found is that almost all students come to me saying something like 'My supervisor has said I must have a proofread' a euphemism for a socking great edit, I'm afraid.

What do you need to do?

However, I warn all my clients at least twice I have a 'letter of agreement' and I advise them in my first communication to get approval for an external edit. Whether they do this, or whether they declare in their thesis that they've had an edit, I have no idea, since I never see the finished document. And here I am, trying to be brief! I'll leave it at that, other than to say that I appreciated your article and I hope you're enjoying Crete a fair bit nicer than Manchester, I guess.

I'm also on LinkedIn but I haven't a clue why! Dafna, I've only worked for one German and she needed quite a big edit.

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I sympathise with your fellow students I could imagine the uproar if English students were told to write in German! All the best to you both, Michael from Wigan.

source url I understand that there are English proof-reading soft-ware packages available for subscription, any suggestion as to which is most effective? Hi Hapana. Sorry, but I have no idea since I don't use them. Thank you for the information. I am a research scholar from India and English is a second language for me. I am studying entrepreneurship. I would like to improve on my research writing skills and generally be careful about my sentence formation, punctuation, commas and more.

My guide has suggested that I follow the APA format. Can you suggest a online course which will help me assess my skills and guide me to improve on the above mentioned? Pl help. Hi Ruta - I'm sorry but I can't advise you.

Dissertation Tutorial: Getting your dissertation proofread

I only know about courses that deal with the more technical side of professional proofreading and editing. These are not writing-skills courses. Have you tried searching for relevant LinkedIn discussion groups? This article and its comments are the best help for my current quandry! My services are designed for clinical authors' research manuscripts, mostly authors whose first language is not English, but recently I had an inquiry about proofreading a thesis.

I was a little in the dark on the ethics Thank you so much for the insight from an editor who has recently launched a freelance company. Hello Ruta, have you looked into what Coursera offers? You may find something close to what you are looking for. There are many style guides that have APA instructions, perhaps there is one with an educational website. Thank you for writing and posting this article. I won't bore you with the details of my situation, but freelance proofreading seems to be the best option for me.

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However, I am scared to death to go into it because of the possibility of legal liability. Would you recommend that a freelance proofreader establish a business to do freelance proofreading, consult an attorney regarding the wording of the contract, and obtain liability insurance in case a client sues for getting an unsatisfactory grade?

Thank you again. Hi Cliff.

How we will proofread and edit your dissertation or thesis

This kind of proofreading service involves correcting spelling, punctuation, grammatical, and lexical errors. Here's the tail end of my post: It is extremely disconcerting that students at all levels, even in law school and medical school, purchase papers and pay people to do all of their course work and take their exams for them. It is definitely worth taking the time to proofread your dissertation - there are many ways of improving it. However, if your supervisor requests changes that involve deleting and adding new sections to your paper, in this case we will charge you only for the new added parts. In effect, you're passing it off as your own original wor k.

Some editorial freelancers do take out indemnity insurance, though many don't. If you don't have the confidence to write terms and conditions that make it clear what "proofreading" entails, and that you are absolutely not responsible for the substantive content of the work, then you probably should seek legal assistance from a professional who can help you with the wording. You mention the term "grade" so I'm assuming you're talking about student work.

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I can't imagine a scenario whereby a student would get an unsatisfactory grade because of a stray typo. Rather, it would be because the quality of the argument wasn't up to scratch.

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ACADEMIC PROOFREADING SERVICES: Writing of any form is assumed as quite demanding considering the fact that a number of intricacies are involved in it. It is definitely worth taking the time to proofread your dissertation of 12 things you can look at to make sure your dissertation is the best it can.

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