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How would you expect us to work together and fix the forms when everyone is at each other's throats, if everyone thinks that they're better than everyone else because of how many years they've been in band, or their marching skills? You can't, a team to properly work together must first accept and understand the others before they can begin to move up.

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It's like filling a bucket with a hole in it as you would say, you can't fill the bucket when people are stabbing holes in them. Even on my worst days band always brings a smile to my face, and I wish to do the same for everyone else.

How To Survive Marching Band

I'd like to help make your life a little easier by being an amazing drum major. This band is everything to me.

2. A good Drum Major is supportive

I will do my best to take a person to the side to offer advice, as opposed to ridiculing them in front of the band. Ok, but how? I would make sure they know the basics, then later on when they have the basics down, we can move on to different types of marching. If I am chosen for section leader, I will improve the saxophone section mentally, musically, and physically. Forums The Watty Awards. I would let the freshmen know that they are as important as the seniors because of their link in the chain, and that they should acknowledge and embrace it. Like marching for example.

It's my real home, my family all the way and it's given so much to me and I only want to give back what was been given so that way everyone can have the same positive band experience as me! It takes a strong-minded and equally strong-hearted person to be a drum major, you have to be willing to put your blood, sweat, and tears into this band more than you already have. You have to be relentless in rehearsal and everyone's friend outside of it.

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As much you love someone you can't let them get away with not following the rules no matter if they're your friend or not. I'm ready to take on this serious leadership position and become our next drum major, I know if chosen for this position I can help improve our band and bring us all closer together as a family.

Although I've given you plenty of reasons not to choose me as drum major, I have given you far more reasons to choose me. Anyone can wave their hands around and create a beat, but to be a drum major it takes someone who is serious about the band, caring, responsible, reliable, and many other qualities and I can assure you I have all of them.

No matter who you pick for leadership this year I know we will have an amazing marching season! Forums The Watty Awards.

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Go Premium. Every day, I grow more and more with this band and leading this band as drum major, or leading the saxophones as section leader, would be an amazing accomplishment for me and I know I can do the job well.

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I know the band can reach new heights if we work hard enough. With all the changes we are making next year, we are going to need strong leaders to aid the incoming freshman and to lead the entire band throughout the year.

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As drum major, conducting requires a certain kind of insight and an understanding of music, which is something that I have started to develop during my seven years of playing an instrument. Addition to my experience with music as a whole, I also have three years of marching band experience.

greatcateawall.ga Second, I am determined to succeed, and to improve myself and the band as a whole. We have to keep working, thrive to be the best we can be. I want to be that person to lead this band, and push them to be the best. Lastly, my philosophy on leadership is simple: lead by example, always help, and never quit. Quitting is out of the question for me.

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